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Session 1 - Science vs. Perception

Description: Putting science into terms that everyone at the dinner table can understand to support our industry
Presented By: Kevin Folta, University of Florida
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Session 5 - Nozzles, Nozzles, Nozzles

Description: What nozzles reduce drift, handle low water volumes & hit the target? Bring your toughest sprayer questions!
Presented By: Tom Wolf, Independent Spray Application Specialist
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Session 7 - Fertilizer for Mega-Planters

Description: Solve the big planter fertilizer dilemma with these innovative equipment ideas.
Presented By: Warren Schneckenburger, Morrisburg; Steven Broad, Woodstock; DustinMulock, Woodville
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Session 8 - Corn Stalk Dollars

Description: The opportunity & practical realities of harvesting corn stalks for biomass & sugar.
Presented By: Dale Cowan, Southern Co-operative Services;Randy Duffy, U of G, Ridgetown Campus;Charlie Lalonde, CI Agren Consulting-moderator
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Session 9 - No-Till, No Kidding

Description: Straight talk from growers who make no-till work.
Presented By: Henry Denotter, Kingsville;Gord Green, Embro;Ryan Marshall, Moffat;Adam Hayes, OMAF and MRA - moderator
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Session 10 - Soil Health European Style

Description: The French Strategy for success in improving soil health.
Presented By: Frédéric Thomas, TCS Magazine
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Session 11 - Economic Outlook

Description: How the world economy, trends & events impact your business
Presented By: James Bryan, Farm Credit Canada
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Session 14 - Soybean Strategies

Description: Do's & don'ts of high yield soybeans after 6 years of intensive research
Presented By: Horst Bohner, OMAF and MRA;Dave Hooker, U of G, Ridgetown Campus
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Session 15 - Soybeans in Brazil

Description: Techniques for huge yields in the Cerrado
Presented By: Milton Suzuki, Bayer CropScience - Brazil
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Session 16 - Herbicide Resistant Weeds

Description: From fleabane to pigweed - learn what's coming & how to beat them
Presented By: Mark Loux, Ohio State University
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Session 18 - Wheat What?

Description: Opportunities abound to keep wheat in a profitable rotation. Learn how.
Presented By: Peter Johnson, OMAF and MRA
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Session 22 - Weed Control Answers

Description: Field Crop weed management: top questions from real field situations
Presented By: Peter Sikkema, U of G Ridgetown Campus
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Session 25 - Precision Ag Wins

Description: Beyond driving straight: what pays with this high tech equipment.
Presented By: Mike Wilson, Thompsons Ltd.; Chris Boersma, Ridgetown; Darryl Lacey, Delta Power; Rick Willemse, Parkhill; Ken Nixon, Ilderton-moderator
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Session 26 - Brazilian Bulldozer

Description: What to expect from agriculture's new giant.
Presented By: Milton Suzuki, Bayer CropScience-Brazil
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Session 29 - Money from Trees

Description: Woodlot management techniques to produce long and medium term financial returns.
Presented By: Donald Craig, Registered Professional Forester
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Session 31 - Weed Free Fields

Description: Top tricks & experience on how to reduce the weed seedbank.
Presented By: Mike Cowbrough, OMAF and MRA
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Session 33 - Market Outlook

Description: Knowing when to pull the trigger in the months ahead.
Presented By: Moe Agostino,
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Session 34 - Market Outlook

Description: What opportunities are left post $7 corn?
Presented By: Stephen Kell, Parrish & Heimbecker, Ltd.
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Session 39 - Top 10 Corn Tips

Description: Highlights of recent corn research from Ontario and abroad
Presented By: Greg Stewart, OMAF and MRA
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Session 40 - Road to High Corn Yields

Description: Putting science, innovative thinking and practical reality together for 300+ bushel corn.
Presented By: Chris Boomsma, Dow AgroSciences
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Session 44 - Insect Insights

Description: Bugs that bug your bottom line & how to control them.
Presented By: John F. Tooker, Penn State University; Chris DiFonzo,Michigan State University; Jocelyn Smith, U of G, Ridgetown Campus
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Session 45 - Next Generation Social Media

Description: Now that you’re using #SWAC14, how do you make Twitter, YouTube & ?? work for 39 your business?
Presented By: Wayne Black, Devolder Farms
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