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Virtual ON DEMAND Sessions

Registered attendees will have access virtually to our ON DEMAND sessions beginning January 6th until March 31, 2021

Session # Details

Production Pundits [Live] Deb Campbell, Agronomy Advantage Inc; Chris Olbach, Corteva; Ken Currah, BASF; Peter Johnson, [Moderator]

Have your questions ready! These experts will address any and all agronomic questions.


IPM Mythbusters [Live] Dr. Jocelyn Smith, U of G Ridgetown Campus; Dr. Chris DiFonzo, Michigan State University; Tracey Baute, OMAFRA

This talented trio takes your questions and talks about challenges  with IPM. 


The Road to Organics. 3 Journeys! Phil Oegema, Oegema Grains Ltd; Terry Good, Good Family Farms; Aaron Bowman, Hampton; Sebastian Belliard, OMAFRA [Moderator]

The opportunities and obstacles in transitioning to organic. Join these recent converts as they discuss successes, pitfalls, and the economics that drives it all.


Soil Carbon Dr. Cynthia Kallenbach, McGill University; Sebastian Belliard, OMAFRA

How soil carbon works, and how to manage to get more in your soil.


Manure Happens Dr. Francisco Arriaga, UW-Madison; Christine Brown, OMAFRA

How can environmental risk be minimized with management when there is no choice except winter applications?


Herbicide Carryover Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA; Dr. Darren Robinson, U of G Ridgetown Campus

What affects herbicide persistence? A look at the symptoms, the factors involved, and the management tweaks for mitigation of carryover. What do you do when there is no guidance?


Digging Into Soil Compaction Dr. Scott Shearer, Ohio State University; Prof Matthias Stettler, Bern Univeristy, Switzerland

These two global soil compaction experts discuss the lessons they have learned and what more we need to do.


Cereal Rye: Many Options! Jake Munroe, OMAFRA; Christine O'Reilly, OMAFRA; Aaron Bowman, Hampton

From roller crimping to forage production, taking cereal rye beyond a basic cover crop to putting money in your pocket.


A Farmer's Guide to Road Safety [Live] Matthew Mitchell, MTO; Richard Curado, MTO; Ian McDonald, OMAFRA [Moderator]

Back by popular demand! Understanding the rules of the road and being safe are critical, with lots of time to answer your questions!


Cover Crop Agronomy Anne Verhallen, OMAFRA

Managing cover crops to get more! From roots to biomass, what we have learned from plots, demos and experienced farmers.


Dynamic Disease Dr. Damon Smith, UW-Madison; Albert Tenuta, OMAFRA

From tarspot to white mould, hear the latest on field crop diseases and management strategies from this dynamic duo!


Nature's Best Hope Dr. Doug Tallamy, University of Delaware

Doug will discuss simple steps that each of us can and must take to reverse declining biodiversity.


Planting Cold Chris Olbach, Corteva; Chuck Belanger, Maizex Seeds; Deb Campbell, Agronomy Advantage Inc.; Ben Rosser, OMAFRA [Moderator]

The temperature is below zero; do you plant or wait? These experts discuss how environment, genetics, seed quality and management all influence your decision.


Is a Biostrip-Till Corn System for you? Lawrence Hogan, Lucknow; Steve Howard, Lucknow; Ian McDonald, OMAFRA [Moderator]

Follow Lawrence and Steve's journey to eliminate tillage and still optimize crop productivity and profitability. What does it take?


Where the Rubber Hits the Field! [Live] Nick Dubc, Soucy Intl; Mike Hryhorchuk, Michelin, NA; Eric Brubacher, OK Tire; Alex Barrie, OMAFRA [Moderator]

Join the conversation with these 3 experts to discuss how to choose the right tire or track solutions for your equipment.


Go Long with Cover Crops Dr. Laura Van Eerd, U of G Ridgetown Campus; Dr. Dave Hooker, U of G Ridgetown Campus; Dr. Manish Raizada, University of Guelph

These long-term cover crop researchers have new data to answer the questions from yield to environment to economics and more!


Scouting App Software Joe Tomecek, Tomecek Agronomy Services Inc.; Ryan Benjamins, Benjamins Agronomy Services; Deb Campbell, Agronomy Advantage Inc.

Keeping records, dropping pins, communicating what you find; these agronomists talk what works and what doesn't for field scouting.


Dry Beans for Dollars Meghan Moran, OMAFRA; Dr. Jamie Larsen, AAFC Harrow

From the newest resources to the latest research come check out the top management options for dry bean success.


"The Corn Whisperer" [Live] Dr. Bob Nielsen, Purdue University; Greg Stewart, Maizex Seeds

How do contest yield winners grow 500, or even 600-bushel corn? What are their secrets? This session will highlight key factors for high yield corn.


Marketing Madness Steve Kell, Independent Agronomist

Steve takes us beyond supply and demand to look at the political and economic forces that drive the value of our crops; and targets to set moving forward.


Soybean Success [Live] Dr. Dave Hooker, U of G Ridgetown Campus; Horst Bohner, OMAFRA

From planting depth to re-plants to residue management, these Ontario soybean experts will cover the waterfront and answer your questions.


Bt-Resistant Rootworm in Ontario Christine O'Reilly, OMAFRA; Dr. Jocelyn Smith, U of G Ridgetown Campus; Dr. Elson Shields, Cornell University

Bt-resistant corn rootworm has been found in Ontario. What does it mean for growers? What are the alternatives, and how do we manage it?


To Till or Not To Till? Jodi DeJong-Hughes, University of Minnesota

From research to demonstration to practical farm experience, the answers to tillage questions remain elusive. Hear from this North American tillage expert and her learnings from Minnesota farmers.


The Canadian Economy Impacts Agriculture! Craig Klemmer, FCC

Craig helps farmers understand the current macro trends of the Canadian economy to guide micro decisions on the farm.


Record Breaking Wheat Eric Watson, Wakanui, New Zealand; David Weith, Bayer CropScience, New Zealand; Joanna Follings, OMAFRA

World record yields! Breaking his own previous world record, Eric and agronomist David give the details of how to get there, while Joanna covers ways to implement and evaluate these techniques in Ontario.


Managing Nitrogen John Heard, Manitoba Agriculture; Dr. John Lauzon, University of Guelph

Understanding when to use N stabilizers and how application methods impact the outcome is essential in managing nitrogen for profit and minimize losses.


Dream Team Agronomy Michelle Baker, Millstone Crop Services; Luke Hartung, North Wellington Co-op; Jenna Laramie, Setterington's Fertilizer Service Ltd.

2020, a year to remember! A look at the successes, challenges and what these top Ontario agronomists learned.


Weather Wisdom Dale Cowan, Agris & Wanstead Farmers Co-ops; Darryl Vermey, Weather INnovations Consulting LP

Made in Ontario tools that can turn you weather stress into management success.


Fine Tuning Strip Till Tyler McBlain, McBlain Farms Ltd.; Tony Balkwill, Nithfield Advanced Agronomy; Ben Rosser, OMAFRA [Moderator]

From fertility strategies that work to strip till on hills, these two farmers are making it work.


Making Sense of the Soil Dr. Abbey Wick, North Dakota State University

Ideas and approaches used by conservation minded farmers on their journey to better soil health.


Building Management Zones Jonathan Zettler, Fieldwalker Agronomy Ltd.; Aaron Breimer, Veritas; Zach Harmer, SoilOptix

SWAT MAPS, SoilOptix, SOIL - New Technology to better define management zones & determine what and where inputs will pay.


Hay Cash Croppers! Matt Bergman, Jarvis; Henry Prinzen, Jarvis; Fritz Trauttmansdorff, Dunlea Farms

Join the conservation with new and established hay producers on why and how they are bringing hay into their cash crop farms. Hear about the business models, production, marketing, logistics and more.


Record Breaking Soybeans Horst Bohner, OMAFRA; Dr. Shawn Conley, UW-Madison; Dr. Laura Lindsey, Ohio State University

These soybean gurus find ways to increase your yields without breaking the bank!


"What Sprayer Would Tom Buy?" Dr. Jason Deveau, OMAFRA; Dr. Tom Wolf, Agrmetrix

What does a dream sprayer look like? Must-have, nice-to-have, which features exist and who has them? What features should exist and why don't they? And, critically, what colour is the heated cup holder?


Working with Pesticides Dr. Carol Black, Washington State University; Andrew Thostenson, North Dakota State University

A must-see session for every sprayer operator! Carol covers improving the protection of pesticide operators, while Andrew looks at inversions and why you need to look out for them.


Glyphosate-resistant Weeds Dr. Peter Sikkema, U of G Ridgetown Campus

The latest research on glyphosate-resistant weeds in Ontario and which management strategies really work.


Road Map to Succession Phil Boglevsky, Libro Credit Union; Andrew Campbell, Bellson Farms Strathroy, Jenn Doelman, BDS Farm, Douglas; Margaret May, OSCIA [Moderator]

Turns are mandatory! From picking an advisor to making it happen, this panel will cover what works, and things to avoid.


Utilizing Technology Jason Pronk, Triaro Farms Inc.; Mark Richards, Richards Rolling Acres Ltd.; Martha Patton, Patton Poultry Breeders Inc.

Climate, Granular, or My John Deere: a look at how to make these data management systems pay you back on the farm.


Hiring, Firing and INSPIRING Bridget Schill, Schill AG Partners; Mac Ferguson, Mac Ferguson Farms; Donna Archer, Maizeing Acres

From the school of hard knocks: 3 farmers bring practical tips for successfully keeping, managing, and inspiring farm labour.


Life Strategies of the Healthiest Farmers Briana Hagen, University of Guelph

Based on real-life stories of Ontario farmers, Birana takes us on a journey of facing and overcoming mental health challenges.

Reviewed 11/09/2020

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