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#1 Production Pundits [Live] 

Deb Campbell, Agronomy Advantage Inc,; Chris Olbach, Corteva; Ken Currah, BASF; Peter Johnson, [Moderator]
Image of Deb Campbell, Chris Olbach, Ken Currah

These three STAR agronomists from accross the province will answer questions and help apply what you have learned to Ontario conditions. Have your queries ready!


#2 IPM Mythbusters [Live] 

Dr. Jocelyn Smith, U of G Ridgetown Campus; Dr. Chris DiFonzo, Michigan State University; Tracey Baute, OMAFRA
Image of Dr Jocelyn Smith, Dr. Chris DiFonzo, Tracey Baute

These three Expert Entomologists will give the answers for what works and what doesn't when scouting for that endless list of insects from 2020 and beyond 


#9 A Farmer's Guide to Road Safety [Live] 

Matthew Mitchell, MTO; Richard Curado, MTO; Ian McDonald, OMAFRA [Moderator]Image of Matthew Mitchell, Richard Curado

Safety is not optional! These two experts talk the rules and the reality, leaving  lots of time to answer your questions.


#15 Where the Rubber Hits the Field! [Live] 

Nick Dubuc, Soucy Intl; Mike Hryhorchuk, Michelin, NA; Eric Brubacher, OK Tire; Alex Barrie, OMAFRA [Moderator]Image of Nick Dubuc, Mike Hryhorchuk, Eric Brubacher

Compaction costs yield! For the latest in tires and tracks, join these three excellent experts on what solution works best in different situations on the farm.


#19 "The Corn Whisperer" [Live] 

Dr. Bob Neilsen, Purdue University; Greg Stewart, Maizex Seeds
Image of Dr. Bob Nielsen and Greg Stewart

Corn contest winners in the United States hit HUGE yield targets, and Ontario coffee shop yields often seem amazing. Learn what really works from these two corn Gurus.


#21 Soybean Success [Live] 

Dr. Dave Hooker, U of G Ridgetown Campus; Horst Bohner, OMAFAImage of Deb Campbell, Chris Olbach, Ken Currah

MASSIVE soybean yields are possible! Horst and Dave talk soybean management options that will work to get you there, with time to challenge their thoughts along the way.




Reviewed 11/03/2020

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